Plein Air Convention and Expo 2017

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I’ve been home from PACE 17 a little over a week now, and finally caught up on sleep. It was another whirlwind experience full of painting and stuffing my brain with information and ideas. Right now it is hard for me to put into words what I learned. But what stays with me is the energy and inspiration one gets from sharing the same passion with 1000 other people. Listening to, watching demos by, and meeting top artists in our field is exciting. Quang Ho, Jeremy Lipking, Jill Carver, Scott W. Prior, James Gurney, Roos Schuring, Shelby Keefe, Qiang Huang are just a few of the generous artists who were there to share their talent with us, and gently guide us.

Eric Rhoads and his team run an amazingly smooth convention– and even keeps it running on time. He adds in some fun and silliness along with plenty of art marketing ideas (starting at 6:30am! This from a NON morning person!) There’s also an assortment of prizes. Sadly, I wasn’t a recipient of a prize. The conference started off with a bang when the FIRST name drawn spun the wheel and won and all-expense paid Safari painting trip! There were 999 jealous people in the room. But she was so adorable, you couldn’t help but feel happy for her.

After watching demos for a good part of each day, we then when out and painted. That itself is a sight to behold. Painters everywhere! Tuesday we painted at the marina behind the hotel at sunset. Wednesday we painted at San Diego Old Town, Thursday at Balboa Park and Friday we had all day to paint at Point Loma park on the beautiful cliffs with the ocean crashing below. Talk about a piece of heaven!

The big question now is, what have I learned that I can bring to my painting? To step it up a notch. I guess we will see.

Lots of photos to share:

Before the conference was officially underway, I was able to slip away and paint at Torrey Pines State Park. I must have been quite a site, dragging my art supplies in a rolling suitcase down the rocky, sandy path to get a view of the ocean!



The 900 painters gathered for the opening of PACE 17. The young man with the orange hat is Kyle Ma. He is SIXTEEN years old and ridiculously talented! Look him up.

Cynthia Rosen painted next to me. I have been following her on instagram and love her palette knife style- so full of color and energy!

Marina Sunset 12×9″ Oil

“Colors of the Sky” 9×12 Painted at San Diego Old Town

Colors of the Sky


Balboa Park



“Balboa Park” 9×12

Low Tide

The very talented Quang Ho with his painting from Point Loma.

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