Color for a Rainy Day

Posted on March 7, 2017 | No Comments

It’s March in NE Ohio. It’s been a strange winter. We’ve had very little snow, and few super cold days. But in place of the snow we have had what seems like endless grey, rainy days. I decided I needed some color! Going back through my photos, I came across our trip along the California coastline. The famous Route 1 drive. We went in April five years ago. I insisted that my husband pull over at nearly every roadside pull-off and parking lot. Not being a writer, it is difficult for me to describe in words what I experienced every time we stopped. It was exhilarating to all the senses. The scenery was exquisite. The teal, aqua, cobalt and ultramarine hues of the water, the scent of flowers exploding over the rocky cliffs, the warm sun and the sea spray on my skin made me sure that this was about as close as you can get to heaven on earth. I wanted to pull up a beach chair and just stay there. My painting can’t possibly capture all that, but while I was working on it, I enjoyed the memory of it. I hope to get back there sometime and spend hours painting en plein air.

16 x 20 Oil

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