Painting Buddy

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Some artists are loners, others enjoy painting with a group of artists or a “painting buddy.” While I enjoy “my space” in my studio, I also find inspiration and energy painting with other artists. I love seeing how another painter chooses a completely different scene than I would, or interprets the same scene so differently. It’s also wonderful to paint with others who are willing to share tidbits of information on supplies and techniques.

I was so lucky to find my painting buddy at the beginning of my plein air journey. Barb Walker and I have leap frogged along together as we’ve painted over the last years, celebrating the sales, acceptance into shows, awards and our personal painting successes as well as encouraging each other when we’ve felt discouraged. I’m looking forward to “someday” when we have enough time and money to go on some big painting adventures!

Yesterday was a fun painting day at Barb’s house. We managed to get two paintings done with lots of “catching up” and art talk.

Little Brass Kettle

Barb’s Chair 12×9

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